Green Jewel 50K and 25k


Saturday, June 2, 7:00 a.m. Oak Grove, Brecksville Reservation


The 2018 Green Jewel will follow the same reversed course as in 2017.
Please note: This is no longer a 2 person relay.

This race is a gem! It takes you on a tour of the extensive system of nature preserves in The Cleveland Metroparks, unofficially called the Emerald Necklace. We’ve reversed the course, and now it meanders north on the paved all-purpose trail starting from Oak Grove Picnic Area in Brecksville Reservation, through Mill Stream Run, and ending at Scenic Park Picnic Area in Rocky River Reservation. There are plenty of places to meet your crew at the 5 aid stations along the route of this exciting point to point 50K. If you are looking for a 50K PR or maybe a first ultra-marathon, then you have found your race. Green Jewel also features a 25k starting at Wallace Lake.

The 2018 course steadily decreases in elevation, this is going to be a fast 50K!

See the 2014 race report here!

Green Jewel Course Map

2016 50k Results, 2016 Relay Results
2015 50k Results
2015 Relay Results
2014 50k Results
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  • Sunday, May 13th
    Wallace Lake
    Pick your distance –  out & back
    Details & RSVP


  • Friday, June 1, 4:00-7:00 PM, Vertical Runner Brecksville
  • Race day- 6:00-7:00 AM, Oak Grove for 50k
  • Race day-7-8:00AM, Wallace Lake for 25k


  • Mile 6.5 Stuhr Woods picnic area
  • Mile 11.9 The Chalet entrance
  • Mile 16 Wallace Lake (Relay Exchange)
  • Mile 20 Rocky River Nature Center entrance
  • Mile 26.1 Lorain Road overpass parking lot
  • All aid stations will be fully stocked with the exception of the first station at Stuhr Woods. This station will be FLUID AND GELS ONLY (Water and Tailwind). The final four aid stations will have fluids (water, Tailwind sports drink, and soda) and an assortment of food (chips, cookies, PB&J sandwiches, gels, etc.). Different aid stations will have different foods.
  • Cool refreshments will be available at the finish line.


  • If you would like a drop bag at either Wallace Lake or the Finish, please bring it to the start and be sure it is clearly marked with either “Finish” or “Wallace Lake” as well as your last name and bib number.
  • You are responsible for retrieving drop bags from the finish line after the race.


  • 50k Awards for Top 3 overall male and female; then top 3 in the following age groups: 39 and under, 40-49, 50 and over.  (24 awards total)
  • 25k Awards for Top 3 overall male and female; then top 3 in the following age groups: 39 and under, 40-49, 50 and over.  (24 awards total)
  • Awards will be handed out about one hour after the first finisher to assure the results will stand.
  • In order to qualify for awards, participants cannot accept any aid from anyone beyond 100 feet of an aid station.


  • Gender specific tech tank, Stainless steel tumbler, Distance specific medal, and Personalized bib.


  • Parking will be available at the Finish Line at Scenic Park Marina.
  • 50k runners can park at Scenic Park Marina and be bussed to the Oak Grove start.  Bus leaves promptly at 6:00 a.m. and is optional during registration.
  • 25k runners can park at Scenic Park Marina and be bussed to the Wallace Lake start.  Bus time is TBD and is optional during registration.



  • 50k – 8 hour cut off
  • 25k – 6 hour cut off
  • Finish line closes at 3:00 p.m.

DROPPING: Never drop out of the race by abandoning the course between aid stations and going “home.” If you must drop please report to an Aid Station or Finish Line.  Runners who drop without reporting to an Aid Station or Finish Line will not be allowed to participate in future WRR races and/or events.

DISQUALIFICATION POLICY: The race cut off on the course is strictly enforced.  The aid stations close accordingly.  If a runner is unable to keep the appropriate pace and is in danger of missing the cut off they will be asked to remove themselves from the race.  If a runner refuses to do so they will be immediately disqualified and will be on their own for all aid on the race course as well as the finish line should they choose to continue.  This cut off is enforced for the safety of the runner as well as the rescue team who would need to search for runners on the course.  If it is determined that any runner cuts the course in any fashion, whether intentional or not, they will immediately be disqualified from the race.


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