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Countdown to Burning River 2018… 6 months!

Everyone has a bucket list race.
They run it, collect the coveted 100-mile buckle, and milk those bragging rights forever.
Others might run it a second time, or a third…
But what is it that drives someone to run the BR100 every year, with no plans to stop anytime soon?
Meet Ron Ross, and prepare to be inspired!
“I keep running the BR 100 because it means so much to me having a wonderful 100-mile race right here in my own backyard, where I can eliminate travel and being in an unfamiliar area. Both the BR 100 and the Mohican 100 make me very proud to be a lifelong NE Ohioan. I have been running 45 years and have traveled all over this country and Europe running and racing. As I get older, having well-run races so close to home is a huge bonus, and as long as I am healthy, I will be at the starting lines for each event.

Vince is also an example of why I return. He has brought life to our area, bringing in so many races for so many people of all abilities and distances, and many people outside NE Ohio come here to run when they know he, or Western reserve Racing, is hosting. In the old days — 1970’s, 1980’s — it was never this packed with events. Vince and his fellow entrepreneurs have put NE Ohio on the map. I am very proud of all our local race directors, but Vince was here starting things many years ago when our area needed a shot in the arm.

 It always feels good to finish a 100 mile race, but [completing Burning River last year] was special since it allowed me to have double digit finishes in two different 100 milers. Many people have supported me in many races over a lot of years. I can’t get to the finish alone. It takes family support, friends and crew, fellow runners, and many volunteers to help me get to the finish line. I always think about that throughout my races. It is really much bigger than myself. I have to make sure I never lose sight of that and thank everyone who supports me every chance I get. I also love that my wife is able to pace me the last 10 miles, from Botzum to the finish. It is always special to have her at the finish line — my Crew Chief and my best friend. With the Burning River being close to home, it is equally special since many of the runners and volunteers are my friends, and there are many more people I have known a long time who I see throughout the race. It takes a little of the edge off when you see a familiar face at a time you were not expecting familiar faces.

I will be back this year to keep it rolling as long as I am healthy, and Vince and Western Reserve put on the race.”

-Ron Ross, Burning River 100: 10x Finisher

I feel inspired, sign me up!

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