2017 Burning River Aid Station Captain Spotlight – Part 1


Imagine this: It’s Burning River weekend and you are on track to complete that 100 mile race that you have been training for. You hit aid station after aid station which have been stocked with energetic voices, energy gels and many helping hands. These aid stations have been your lifeline for the last 24 hours. Who are all these volunteers that came out to serve you bacon in the middle of the night?

We would like to give a BIG thank you to ALL our Burning River volunteers- especially our aid station captains who keep things (and you) running on race day! We have 20 manned aid stations and about 400 volunteers on this point-to-point course! Let us introduce you to all our aid stations! This is the first of a three part article:

Old Mill Road, Medina County Road Runners- Renee Harden
MCCR is a running club for runners of all levels in Medina county and the surrounding area.
They host meet-ups to run and also host a few well-known races.
Words of wisdom- You’d better not be tired when you come through the Gates Mills aid station!

Old Mill

Polo Fields, OutRUN- Laurie Rehbergar
OutRUN focuses on building the running community for all shapes, sizes, speeds, terrains, and distances.
Expectations for your station- We’re the first significant aid station so we have to set the tone. Also, there’s usually bacon!







Harper Ridge & Ottawa Point, Cleveland Metroparks- Nancy Desmond
Cleveland Metroparks is a 100 year-old park district providing conservation, education and recreation in the greater Cleveland area.
Why volunteer– The Burning River 100 showcases one of the greatest assets in northeast Ohio; the amazing amount of trails systems and public lands. It brings people from all over the country and the world providing an economic boost to the region and to local trails directly.









Check out part 2 of this article for more AMAZING Aid Stations!


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