August 2017 Volunteers of the Month!



Kelly Heimerman and her dad Tim Regan have been running since Kelly was 5 years old. “Running has always been a family affair” according to Kelly. “I don’t ever remember a time my dad stopped running, even after back surgery he was back in the trails. If he wasn’t running with me he was running my older sister Michelle or my niece Ashley”.

Tim signed up for the OutRun 24 this year and Kelly said,” I’ll do it with you, instead of crewing”.

“I realized I hadn’t run a race or owned running shoes in 10 years due to injury upon injury” according to Kelly. That’s when the idea of 40 races is 52 weeks came about. ” I needed to train for this race and it fell on my 40th birthday weekend so I figured it would be a great story and make great memories with my dad.”

Currently they are at race 35 and will achieve 40 races at the “Leave No Trace Half Marathon.” With Tim turning 70 he thought it would be a great goal of 70 races before 71. They will complete race 56 races by the end on 2017.

Laurie, Kelly’s sister, brought Burning River to their attention years ago with working the Pine Hollow aid station. In July Kelly and Tim volunteered at the Buckeye Trail 50K, Muddy Paws and two aid stations for Burning River!

If you signed up for one of the Bobcat races look forward to seeing them at packet pickup. “We’ve been the last runners to reach an aid station and we are grateful for the volunteers that stay and wait for us no matter how slow we are. We are #teamsloth we will get there when we get there!”



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