Burning River Course


Like the flow of our favorite river, the Burning River course is always changing. This year, the 50th anniversary of the Cuyahoga burning, the changes are significant. The Cuyahoga National Park is focused on 10 construction projects that are aimed at restoring the river, supporting flood plains, and improving the water quality in Lake Erie. These projects require various trail and towpath closures within the CVNP. Because of these worthwhile and important projects, we could not obtain a permit to run through the CVNP at two critical locations – Station Road Bridge and Boston area including the Towpath section that connects them. With these two locations not available, we could not design a course that goes one direction point-to-point. Thus, the 2019 Burning River course will change to a 50 mile out and back. Though we will miss the unique challenge of a point-to-point race, we appreciate and celebrate the improvements to our beloved Burning River, The Cuyahoga.

Together, we can support the long term health of our waterway AND enjoy an excellent, world class 100 mile race.

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The course will now begin at HiHo Brewing Company in Cuyahoga Falls, traverse the trails of Summit Metro Parks and the CVNP to the 50 mile mark at Silver Springs Park in Stow. 100 mile runners will then turn around and head back to Cuyahoga Falls.

2019 100 Mile Course Map

2018-2019 Elevation Comparison