Dirty Trail Series VIP Membership
14 Trail Races, 1 Low Price!

Q – What races are included with my membership?
A– There are 14 short (2 – 13.1 mile) trail races between January and November included:
Dirty Snowflake 4M Prediction Run
Dirty Love 10k
Flirt with Dirt 10k
Dirty Bird 5k/15k (VIP membership includes both races)
Down & Dirty 5M
Muddy Paws 10M/5M/2M Dog Run (VIP membership includes untimed 2M dog run and 5M or 10M)
Quick & Dirty 8k
Minnehaha 5M
Leave No Trace Half Marathon
Dirty Rocks 10k
Chippewa Creek 10M
Dirty Dirty 12k
Tip – Only 6 races are needed to qualify for series awards so don’t worry if you’ve missed an event!

Q – I’m on a budget. Do I get a price break with the VIP Membership?
A – And how!  If you signed up for all 14 races during the early registration period, you would pay $474.  Sign up for the VIP option including individual race swag for $425, or skip the swag for $325!  That is a savings of $149 and we haven’t even talked about the additional benefits yet.
Tip – Break it down!  $325/14 = $23.21 per race. OMG!

Q – What are these additional benefits you’re talking about?
A – We’re glad you asked.  In addition to the races, VIP Membership includes special personalized bibs, a one time use 20% off Vertical Runner coupon, a high quality (and super useful) Salomon light weight 10L pack with fluid chamber, and an invitation to the year end series award party including lunch, speakers, and raffle tickets.
Tip – The Salomon pack is designed to carry essentials for an active short hike, quick run, or a stroll around town.  It is embroidered with the DTS logo and retails for $85.

Q – My closet is already full of race shirts, how can I stop the tech tee madness?2016-VIP-Swag
A – The Dirty Trail Series races are known for their creative swag.  Sure a few events still come with t-shirts, but other swag includes a visor, shorts, a sport towel, even a pair of underwear!
Signing up for the VIP Membership with out the swag saves you money and keeps your closet clutter free.
Tip – Even if you skip the individual race swag, all VIP Members receive the Salomon pack.

Q – I already ran/missed Dirty Snowflake and/or Dirty Love.  Can I still sign up?
A – Yes!  We will prorate your VIP Membership fee by deducting the race fees you’ve already paid or the races that you missed.  Email Kelly@westernreserveracing.com with questions.  She will calculate your prorated VIP registration fee and help you get signed up.
Tip – Don’t wait!  There are only 14 spots left for 2016.


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