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Race Results 2013

Burning River 100 Results
Open – Overall | Gender | Division
USATF – Overall | Gender | Division

Client Race Results
I Believe 10K (December 21)DivisionGenderOverall
I Believe 5K (December 21)DivisionGenderOverall
CWRRC Fall Classic Half Marathon (November 24)DivisionGenderOverall
CWRRC Fall Classic 5K (November 24)DivisionGenderOverall
Run 4 Perry (November 16)DivisionGenderOverall
Mummy Run (October 27)DivisionGenderOverall
Run from the Zombies (October 26)DivisionGenderOverall
Return 2 Racing (October 12)DivisionGenderOverall
Dyslexia Dash (October 12)DivisionGenderOverall
CCHO FallFest 5K (October 5)DivisionGenderOverall
Bowman Cup 5K (October 5)DivisionGenderOverall
Freedom 5K Run for Massillon (September 28)DivisionGenderOverall
Willoughby 5K (September 15)DivisionGenderOverall
Finish the Fight at Night 5K (September 14)DivisionGenderOverall
Race to the Taste (September 2)DivisionGenderOverall
5K for JA (August 9)DivisionGenderOverall
Buckeye Trail 50K (July 13)DivisionGenderOverall
Tree City 5K (July 6)Division


Bay Days 5M (July 4)Division



Just Run Lake County 5K (June 8)


Messiah Mother’s Day 5K Run (May 11)DivisionGenderOverall
Messiah Mother’s Day 1M Fun Run (May 11)Overall
Race Into Finals 5K Run/Walk (May 5)DivisionGenderOverall
Race Into Finals 1M Run/Walk (May 5)Overall
HM Royal Run/Walk (April 23)Overall
Grand River Kayak Race (April 20)DivisionOverall
Grand River Canoe Race(April 20)DivisionOverall
CWRRC Spring Classic 10M (April 14)DivisionGenderOverall
CWRRC Spring Classic 5K (April 14)DivisionGenderOverall
Run for the Orphans (April 13)Kids Race5K Division5K Overall
Black Squirrel (April 13)DivisionGenderOverall
Great Spring TRAINING Race (March 30)Overall
Winter Biathon (February 23) AdultYouthOverall
Chase Your Shadow 5K (February 2)DivisionGenderOverall

Dirty Trail Race Series Results
Dirty Dirty 12K (November 23)DivisionGenderOverall
Quick and Dirty 8K (October 19)DivsionGenderOverall
Flirt with Dirt 10K (September 14)DivisionGenderOverall
Leave No Trace Half Marathon (August 31)DivisionGenderOverall
Chippewa Creek Trail Challenge (August 17)DivisionGenderOverall
Dirty Mo (July 20)DivisionGenderOverall
Muddy Paws 10M (July 6)DivisionGenderOverall
Muddy Paws 5M (July 6)DivisionGenderOverall
Dirty Secret 10K (June 22)DivisionGenderOverall
Dirty Bird 15K (May 25)DivisionGenderOverall
Dirty Rocks 10K (May 4)DivisionGenderOverall
Down and Dirty 5M (March 23) DivisionGenderOverall
Dirty Love 10K (February 10)DivisionGenderOverall
Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run (January 28)Overall

Endurance Race Results
Bigfoot 50K (December 7)DivisionGenderOverall
Bigfoot 10 Mile Race (December 7)DivisionGenderOverall
Bobcat Trail Marathon (November 3)DivisionGenderOverall
Buckeye Buster 50K (June 1)DivisionGenderOverall
Buckeye Buster 10 Mile Challenge (June 1)DivisionGenderOverall
Fools 50K (April 7)DivisionGenderOverall
Fools 25K (April 7)DivisionGenderOverall
Green Jewel 50K (March 2)DivisionGenderOverall

Road Race Results
Frosty 5 (December 24)DivisionGenderOverall
Mistletoe Mile (December 24)Overall