Are you running Burning River???? Part Quatre


Gary Janas is…here’s his story.

As I get older, I have no desire to run ‘faster,’ but I do like to see how far I can go, how far can I push my body.  Am I able to train my mind and convince my body that this is something I can do?“

GaryAccording to his race plan, Gary Janas will cross the finish line of the Burning River 100 in exactly twenty-four hours, thirty minutes, and fifty-four seconds.  Although obviously a detailed planner, Gary, a father of four from Kirtland, Ohio, understands that there are some things, come race day, that he just can’t control.  But Gary says that’s what he loves about ultra running: Overcoming obstacles is one of my favorite things about any ultra distance, the element of surprise.”

Gary completed his first 100 mile event at O24 this May and will run Burning River in celebration of his fiftieth birthday as a fundraiser for the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  To wish Gary (and the National Parks) a happy birthday, click here to donate and help him meet his goal!

Next up after BR for Gary: breaking the 8 minute mark in the Beer Mile.  I bet he has a plan for that, too!

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