Are you running Burning River???? Part deux


Jill and David DeMatteis are…here’s their story.

“We find peace and unity in our running, and although we expect to finish, no matter what happens, we know that attempting our first 100 together will be an amazing experience!”

Jill and David

Jill and David DeMatteis, from Boston Heights, Ohio, are both running the 100 mile solo run this August.  Their story is simple and timeless.  Girl moves to a new town, walks into a running store, and meets boy.  Boy laps girl…repeatedly…on the track.  Boy and girl fall in love, get married, and train for their first 100 mile ultra together.  The moral of the story?  Do your speedwork!  Jill and David, who actually met at a Vertical Runner group workout almost exactly one year ago, have been advised against running BR together, but neither of them can imagine running the 100 Mile Solo Run actually solo.

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