What is a Prediction Run?


Dirty Snowflake 4M Prediction Run
Saturday, January 15th, 10:00am

Q – What is a prediction run exactly?
A– A prediction run requires you to predict how long it will take you to complete the four-ish mile, loop course starting at Ledges Shelter in Peninsula, OH.  You submit your predicted time during registration.

Q – Do I have to finish first to win?
A – Nope!  The winner is the person that finishes closest to his/her predicted time.
Tip – Join us for a free familiarization group run this Saturday, January 8th at the Ledges Shelter.  We’ll start at 9:30 and raffle off a prize or two!

Q – Can I wear my watch/Garmin/etc.?
A – Leave your gadgets at home please.  They are not allowed on the course during the race.
Tip – If you want to keep it fair and still record your miles, just cover your watch with a piece of (non clear:) tape.

Q – I predicted a ridiculously fast/slow time during registration, can I change it?
Q – I forgot the time I predicted, how can I find this info?
A – No problem!  Your predicted time will be printed on the back of your bib.  On race morning take a look at your time.  If you would like to change it, simply look for the “Prediction Time” sign next to packet pickup and someone will be happy to help.  If you are satisfied with your original prediction time, no further action is required.

Q – It is January.  Will it be cold/snowy/icy?
A – Maybe.  It IS January.
Tip – Prepare for the weather by dressing in layers.  Gloves and face coverings are easy to shed and stash in a pocket.  You’ll warm up quickly once you’re moving and there will be fires roaring in the shelter.  Hot coffee and grilled cheese will also be provided post race.

Q – Where can I find additional information and registration?
A – All the details including times, awards, swag, course info, pricing, and registration can be found HERE.


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